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Warman-Centrifugal-Slurry-Pump AH Upgrade

Warman WRT™ improvements

Years of actual wear data on the popular Warman 8/6 AH™ pump enabled our design engineers to use a novel integrated design approach, comparing this “real world” data with our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to obtain correlation between predicted and actual results for the standard 5 vane slurry impellers. This has resulted in the introduction of the new WRT™ impeller and throatbush design. The new impeller design incorporates a unique vanelet on the back shroud which streamlines the flow through the impeller. This new combination provides significantly improved wear life, with rigorous field testing showing increases in wear life of up to 50% on the previous design. This improvement also gives higher efficiency and therefore lower absorbed power and improvements in the NPSH performance. This development will ultimately cover the complete AH™ range in metal or rubber fit up.

Hi Seal expellers

A significant improvement in performance over the original expeller sealing method is achieved by the Hi Seal® design. The patented expelling vane shape and larger diameter expeller generates a significantly increased pressure in the expeller ring chamber at the same pump speed as compared to the previous sealing arrangement. Benefits of the modification include

• Improved sealing performance

• Elimination of seal leakage

• Extended component wear life

• Reduced power consumption

• Reduced operation cost

• Reduced maintenance related costs.