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Linatrile® 55

Nitrile: Resistance to organic oils and chemicals 
Specifying the right lining material for oil or chemical service used to be a compromise. Natural rubber gives good abrasion resistance, but is not suitable for oil immersion. Normal nitrile-based rubbers offer excellent oil resistance, but their poor wear performance limits their use in high abrasion applications. Linagard® NBR rubber is a nitrile based rubber specifically formulated to give good abrasion resistance in the presence of oils and chemicals. Linagard® NBR rubber also exhibits excellent high temperature service and can be used up to 110°C (230°F) with suitable adhesives, or where mechanical fixing is employed.


BOS = Buffed on one side


Design Features

• Resistant to mineral / vegetable oils

• Resistant to chemicals, greases and aliphatic hydrocarbons

• Excellent resistance to high temperature, thermal ageing and fatigue

• Good resistance to wear

• Low permeability to gases Applications

• Linings for mining applications, fertiliser works and sand processing circuits where oil-based reagents are used

• Pump linings and impellers for the chemical industry

• Rubber coating for transmission belts


• Standard sheet size: 9.25m x 1.23m nominal (approx. 30ft x 4ft)

• Standard thickness range: 3.0mm to 30.0mm (approx. 1∕8” to 13∕16”)