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Linard® 60

The Linard® HD range of products are natural/synthetic rubber blends specifically designed to exhibit exceptional toughness without compromising natural elasticity. Linard® HD products are particularly suited to high impact applications or the handling of coarse aggregates, where cutting and gouging play a major part in the abrasive force. The Linard® HD range includes Linard® HD60, Linard® HD70 and Linard® HDS. Linard® HD60 is ideally suited for the aqueous applications involving aggregates, in which sliding abrasion is the major concern. In applications such as primary screen decks and heavy duty transfer chutes, where cutting and slashing by sharp edged heavy particles is the leading cause of abrasion, Linard® HDS and Linard® HD70 are the recommended Linatex® solutions. Formulated to withstand severe abrasion in dry or humid applications, the Linard® HD range provides superior protection to plant and machinery, guarding against premature failure and unscheduled maintenance.

Key features/benefits

  • Superior strength and resilience for severe abrasion
  • Exceptional resistance to cutting and chunking
  • Good noise and vibration dampening properties
  • Good anti static properties


  • Hoses
  • Impact Panels
  • Heavy impact applications in damp or dry applications


  • Wear lining and corrosion protection

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