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Isogate® WS Valves

Isogate Knife Gate Valves
Heavy duty knife gate valves for
abrasive and corrosive applications
Isogate slurry knife gate valves are engineered to provide reliable on-off flow control
service in tough, abrasive and corrosive applications. They are designed to deliver
reliability and long service life in these severe service flow applications.
Design features
  • Two-piece elastomer sleeve design protects flow areas against corrosion
  • Elastomer sleeves are easily replaced in the field without disassembling the valve
  • Bi-directional 100% bubble tight shut-off 
  • Packingless design - no gate or stem packing
  • Suitable for use in abrasive slurry services with high percentages of solids
  • Open bottom allows for the purging of solid
  • No seat cavities where solids can collect and cause gate interference
  • Yoke design allows fitting for all types of actuators
  • Flush control option allows for periodic cleaning of the lower discharge vent and allows flushing as needed